About the internship

Are you intrigued by the world of Cyber Security, but not sure where to start? Are you passionate about protecting digital assets and combating cyber threats? Explore the exciting realm of Cyber Security through our online Virtual Internship Program (VIP). Learn hands-on skills in network security, incident response, and vulnerability assessment. Join us and start your Cyber Security journey today, all from the comfort of your home, anytime, anywhere!

  • Simulated Educational Course
  • Role Playing Game
  • Practical Work Experience
  • Completely Online

Internship Modules


Welcome To The World Of Cyber Security

Step into the realm of digital defense and cyber resilience.


Network Assessment

Uncover vulnerabilities and strengths within digital networks.


Risk Analysis And Planning

Strategize to protect against cyber threats with meticulous risk assessment.


Implementation And Configuration

Transform security strategies into practical safeguards through expert configurations.


Testing And Validation

Verify security measures through testing and validation processes.


Incident Response And Monitoring

Vigilantly monitor the online realm and respond decisively to cyber incidents.



Reflect on your journey through the world of Cyber Security and prepare for a future of safeguarding digital landscapes.

Finding the right career is priceless

  • Career Inspector Pack of 1 career 1 week (30 mins daily) ₹1999
  • Career Seeker Pack of 3 careers 2.5 weeks (30 mins daily) ₹3999
  • Career Explorer Pack of 5 careers 4 weeks (30 mins daily) ₹5999