About the internship

What does it take to become a Journalist in the 21st century? Do covering news stories excite you? Step into the world of Journalism for 30 minutes a day, and test your writing skills with our online Virtual Internship Program (VIP) from your home, anywhere, and anytime! Live the daily life of a journalist where you can experience day-to-day tasks like covering news stories, following a lead, taking interviews, pitching to the editor, and writing phenomenal headlines.

  • Simulated Educational Course
  • Role Playing Game
  • Practical Work Experience
  • Completely Online

Internship Modules


Introduction To Journalism

This chapter welcomes you to the world of journalism, where you learn the fundamentals of this profession.


Different Types Of Journalists

Learn from a professional how different categories of journalists work.


Structing A Story

Understand and participate in the process of selecting a headline for your news.


Moral Responsibilities Of A Journalist

Learn about what the moral responsibilities that make journalism unique.


Blogging Vs Journalism

This section will give you an outlook of these 2 different arenas of career.


Inverted Pyramid In Journalism

Get hands-on experience and understand this style of writing in journalism.


The Various Types Of Media

Get to know how different media work for the journalist in you.


It's All In The Narratives

This section will teach you about crafting a narrative, and you will get active with your task.


Chronological Style Of News Writing

Learn firsthand from your mentor how to adapt this particular news writing style.


Stages In An Investigative Journalism Project

Watch videos to learn about the ins and outs of investigative journalism.


How To Follow The Lead Of A Story

Follow the lead of your story with an immersive learning experience.


How Do You Handle An Uncooperative Interviewee?

Be comfortable with an uncooperative interviewee and handle them like a pro.


How To Check Accuracy & Factual Information?

Follow your mentor as you learn how to keep up with fact-checkers.


The 5 Ws (and An H) Of Journalism

As a journalist, you will learn how to cover all the basics in your report.


How To Pitch To The Editor?

Learn the art of pitching your idea to the editor from an expert.


A Glimpse Of The Future Of Journalism

Know about all the possibilities that this profession beholds for the future.


You Are Ready To Get Certified

In the final chapter, you learn about the different aspects of the job profile and earn your certificate.

Finding the right career is priceless

  • Career Inspector Pack of 1 career 1 week (30 mins daily) ₹1999
  • Career Seeker Pack of 3 careers 2.5 weeks (30 mins daily) ₹3999
  • Career Explorer Pack of 5 careers 4 weeks (30 mins daily) ₹5999